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Since the beginning Odin's organs are traditionally designed. All our organs read the folding cardboard music books mechanically: between the hole, - the perforated part of the cardboard music book - and the valv which expells the air.
Until the 19th Century, all automatic church oragans were equipped with a completely mechanical transmission.

42 touches
42 keys + 8 feet bass modul

Every instrument of our fabrication is provided with the appropriate bellows composed of four swells, and an air chest, maintained at a given prressure thanks to a spring.
The higher the pressure is,the louder the instrument plays. The air flow varies according to the type of organ, wether it is a pipe or a reed one.
What ever type the instrument is, our mechanical control permits a very fast reading of the cardboard music book wich allows to decipher the slightest bridge.
emmanuel travaille

The size of each organ depends on the number of keys and notes.
The instruments can deliver three different tones, whether they are equipped with pipes, reeds or both .

The 42 keys is the first chromatic street instrument. A lot of musicians show a great interest in it, since it offers many different possibilities, whatever the repertoire is, popular or

42 touches + basse

Odin père et fils

Odin father and son 1987 

Once the technical part has been taken care of, there is one last thing you have to worry about : getting it all dressed up, sort of speak.
As a matter of fact, beyond its musical qualities, the organ needs to look beautiful. This esthetic aspect is an important part of our job, and we take a special care about it, every customer being sensitive to a personalized decoration ( a sort of custumization ), which makes his barrel organ unique.

décoration orgue

Odile Odin

Odile Odin

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